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Our education comes from the camps of Dawson, Pankey, Spear and AACD. Denise and Katie have been working together for 18 years and are extremely proud to introduce By Design Dental Studios.

Denise Burris, CDT

Owner and Co-Founder

Phillip Gold, CDT

Master CDT

Jessica Russell

Customer service, shipping/receiving, case coordinating and billing

Christine Chi

CAD, Porcelain Technician, CDT

Lisa Murphy

Prep Technician, die trim

Antonio Campos, CDT

Casting, pressing, seating, polishing and quality control expert, CDT

Gina Choi

Porcelain Technician

Patrick Martin, CDT

CAD Technician

Sam Choi

Waxing Technician, Prep

Monica Washington

Prep Technician

Kevin Lee

Porcelain Technician

Dan Avery, CDT

CAD Technician

Katie Gold

Certified Dental Technicians

We have 6 CDT’s here at By Design and all are working toward excellence for you and your patients. Though having a Certified Dental Technician
on staff isn’t required to operate a laboratory, we have found that becoming a CDT elevates our technician’s skills, pride and commitment to a higher standard. Certification in dental technology is a special designation in which the standards and criteria are set by the National Board for Certification (NBC) and are designed to develop and improve the quality of laboratory technology. Each candidate is required to take three exams. A written comprehensive exam of 160 questions, a written Specialty exam of 80 questions and a practical hands-on exam in the specialty area of their choice. (Ceramics, Crown and Bridge, Complete Dentures, Partial Dentures, Implants or Orthodontics). Once the candidate has passed all three exams and have met the national standard of competency, they are awarded the special designation of being a CDT! You can see why we support the CDT program so strongly. Phillip is a Lead Examiner at testing sites and Denise serves on the NBC Board of Directors. It a has greatly raised the personal and profession bars set by our technicians. Some of our CDT’s are certified in multiple specialties too, and Phillip is now a Master CDT.

"Since we began working with By Design Dental, practicing dentistry has become far more enjoyable. There is nothing better than working with skilled technicians whose attention to detail is second to none. We've noticed a significant decrease in time spent making adjustments, which subsequently has led to an increase in the satisfaction of our patients. They understand occlusion, and it shows in their work. "

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