What’s on your Menu…

So, here’s the question, how do your patients know the services that you provide?

I was at a day lecture that Dr. John Cranham was doing a few years ago here in Atlanta and John had an interesting story about this. John was telling us about a patient that has been in his practice for years and mostly came in for hygiene and emergencies, broken cusp on a molar, lost filling, old crown came loose, you guys know the story. Well, she moved out of town for a year or so and when she came back home of course she started back up again with John as her dentist.

She made a hygiene appointment and when John walked in to greet her and check hygiene, he saw this lady with a beautiful smile. He was almost speechless. Then he gained his composure and his thoughts and told her what beautiful dentistry she had gotten while she was away. He asked her what got her excited enough to get this work done. She said I’ve always wanted to do something like this I just didn’t know who could do it. When he explained that they do dentistry like this all the time she just said I had no idea, I thought you only did emergencies and patch work.

How do you rebound from that? You make it a lesson learned and one you do not want to repeat!

So how do you spread the word? It can really be as simple of putting together a Menu/Flyer as an information education hand out. A lot of offices have photos of successes on the wall, some have photos books in the lobby and many have services listed on their web site. One of ones that I hear is most effective is educating your team. Make sure they know what you do and give them permission to talk about you a bit as the right situation is there.

The main thing is you not being shy about letting your patients know how you can help them. I’m sure this patient of John’s would have loved to have her smile make over years ago and with John. As she told him, she just did not know.

Implant Identification App

Here is an app that can help you solve the mysteries of what implant system you just uncovered. The App is from the Preat Corporation and it is simply an amazing tool you just got to have as you restore old dentistry. Go into your app store on your phone and search Preat, it will show as this picture and it’s a free download. Once you have the app it is easy to use. With your phone you can take a picture of the implant or download the x-ray. Then fill out a couple of questions and hit submit. Before you know it, you’ll get an email with the information to move forward. It’s cool stuff and wonderful people to work with. Their website is www.Preat.com.

 You guys made the first month of 2021 earth shaking! It has been so much fun having your dentistry in hand and seeing your name in pans across the lab. It is your faith in us and the referrals you give that will help us make your 2021 your best year ever!