Took a class from Dr. Lee Brady

Took a class from Dr. Lee Brady in Boston and if you haven’t heard Dr. Brady you need to put her on your bucket list...She was wonderful, insightful and fun…I learned so much great useful information, you just must find her!

She went through materials, what’s out there in our industry today and simple ways to determine when to choose what to use in a given situation and as important, what not to use.

When Dr. Brady was going over tissue management, tooth preparations and impression technique, one thing she showed that I wanted to share was the way she used retraction cord when preparing the tooth.

She takes the prep just to the crest of the tissue but not touching tissue with the diamond. Then comes her first cord. This cord moves the tissue around the tooth where she wants to place the final, finished margin. The cord acts to protect the tissue and lessens the chance for bleeding.

After prepping a second cord is placed and then pulled just before taking the final impression. Of course, a correct impression is bubble free and captures the margins 360, but Lee said that she always wants to have and see an even fin of material past the finished margin. You know all this information and so much more is on her website Restorative Nation. You can check it out and join if you’d like by going to

And even better you can not only see her live as she is on the road teaching, but you can spend days learning with her now at The Pankey Institute as Dr. Brady is the Director of Education and has a number of fantastic courses as well as the core courses that she is part of.

Atlantis Abutments

We can’t boost enough the terrific success that we are seeing with using Dentsply Atlantis Abutments for a great majority of our implant cases. Of course, we use Brand products as well upon request but unless specified, Atlantis has become our go to for implants abutments and is available for most all major implant systems.

All Abutments are scanned into a computer and then designed on digitally. Once the design makes specs then it goes to manufacturing and is milled as one solid piece exactly matching the design. The entire process is amazing. If you haven’t worked with us on Implants, we would love the opportunity to help you with this part of your dentistry. Any questions with different systems or with case planning please feel free to give us a call. We are looking forward to assisting you with the best options available.

Thank you for working with us…you can depend on our attention and care going into everything we do for you.