There is an old proverb that I love

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far. go together.

If you have been working with our team here at By Design for any length of time at all, you know that our philosophy is focused on our relationship with you, your staff and your patients. It's also driven by our relationships with our vendor partners and staff. It's a full circle of building trust and confidence with everyone that makes our laboratory successful. Isn't that how its supposed to be? We think so! In fact, we really don't know how to operate in any other fashion.


It's also what I expect as a consumer in my life. I gravitate to the places that I feel valued when I patronize there. As they say, you get what you pay for so I find that I don't mind spending a little more if it buys me a friendly face and voice when I visit, a predictable product/service or a solution to a concern that I may have. We know that these are the same values you know and expect from us too!


According to LMT (Lab Management Today) magazine, the percentage of dentists under 40 that attended the LMT Chicago Midwinter meeting in February has jumped from 19%in 2015 to 48% in 2019. That's a fascinating number and it shouts to me that the desire to increase dental technology education is more of a priority now than ever. How exciting is that? And it's precisely what were here for! 

So with all this information we want to extend an invitation to you to help you understand the ever changing landscape of dental technology. We also need you to share your confidence and trust in us not only to your team, but to these next generation of dentist that will need a lab just like ours to enhance their clinical dentistry as they navigate through their years of providing the best in dental care. It's a circle, right?

I took my first Certification Exam In 1981 and now some 38 years later I just got in the mail my notice that I passed my National Certification in Implants. The minute I signed up for this exam I though I was nuts for what I was about to put myself through, I guess it like a lot of things that you worked hard at to accomplish. You kind of forget just how hard you had to work to make it happen. This was like that until I signed up and then started thinking about what I just did yep I had that oh moment. For a second anyway but now that I committed it was time to get focused and Kick it.

The exam is part written and part hands on. The hands-on part is a 5 hour and 15 min exam where to get graded you must complete all the work requested. In my first weekend of practice from when I started the clock to when I finishes the work 7 and half hours had passed. So yeah, I had some work ahead of me of planning, organizing and speed which I would only get from practice. So, I practiced and on Exam day I finished in just under 5 hours. It felt great being in the heat of it and finishing it out strong. My drive for it all was yeah, the challenge but also the opportunity to learn, apply, grow and share was huge as this is a relativity new specialty with ever changing technology evolving. I needed to, I wanted to be on the cutting edge of it and be a resource to you and to our lab. We have always been able to help and find answers for you with Implant dentistry and It’s exciting to do it with a little Certification along with it.