The New Year is off and running to a terrific start…

and we couldn’t be more excited sharing with you the news of the award Denise was presented with at our Annual National Association of Dental Laboratories Vision 21 Meeting just a few weeks ago. Denise was presented with the CDT of the Year Award. That’s the MVP in dental technology. She is only the 12th recipient of this prestigious honor and she is right here at By Design, still humble and eager to help all of us. Attached is the announcement flyer as we knew you would want to see it and share it with your team. What a way to kick off 2020!

"The man who doesn’t practice what he knows has no advantage over the man who doesn’t know anything"

Fee Adjustments are never the most fun stuff to put together or to receive. We do have some changes that we will be implementing in March and even though they are minor changes it’s important to us to be sure you are informed so you can add the differences to your fees as you present to your patients and not miss a beat.

 Monolithic Emax and Zirconia are $210 a unit

Layered Emax and Zirconia and Veneers are all $255 a unit

Porcelain to metal restorations are $242 plus alloy

Implant packages are $670 plus alloy if applicable and $800 for using the Encode implant system

 No changes in full gold crowns, diagnostic work, dentures, partials or nightguards

If you have cases that are in the works that you have quoted and won’t be completed till March, just let us know about it and we will honor our current fee schedule for that case for you. Please if you have any concerns or questions call us!

 We are here for you and welcome