Pennsylvania and Georgia come together

Pennsylvania and Georgia come together in Key Biscayne for an Essential 3 program at the Pankey Institute.

Dr. Jen Davis on the left from Cleona, Pa and Dr. Denise Allen-Brown on the right from Suwanee Ga. These two have so much in common and they did not even know it till they met for the first time a few weeks ago.

Jen was part of the faculty team for the E3 where the topics were based around predictable long-lasting dentistry and understanding form and function and how these must work in harmony to gain long lasting results. Denise came in as the student continuing from her E1 to E2 to now E3.  The first in common is they both are wonderful people with successful dental practices and are outstanding providers in their communities. Another is they both enjoy learning and sharing which Pankey is the perfect place to do that. You can open up in a fear free classroom and dormitory atmosphere making it a perfect fit for this kind of learning. Then another piece of what they have in common, is they are both terrific friends and long-time clients of ours at By Design.

We are so proud of both these two taking their dentistry to still a higher level. Taking our dentistry there as well as what they learned in those 5 days will be shared with us and applied in their work. In turn we will share to you through our work together. Thank you, Denise, and Jen, for leading the way,


It is our responsibility to surround ourselves with people and businesses that support us and bring us up, makes us stronger, make us better. Get ready to laugh at this exchange the Churchill’s had and the positive influence the right person can have on us…

Sir Winston with his wife Clementine one day, as they were walking down the street, Clementine stopped and talked to a road cleaner. After a lengthy conversation Sir Winston asked her ′′What were you saying with him so long;".

′′Oh, many years ago he was madly in love with me", she responded.

Churchill smiled ironically. ′′Did you see, my dear? You could have been the wife of a road cleaner today".

′′Oh no, my dear", she replied, ′′If I had married him, he would have been Prime Minister today".


Some of you may remember Walter Hailey, Walter once said “It’s hard to soar with eagles if you’re surrounded by turkeys”. He wasn’t being hateful he simply challenged you to “Get rid of the turkeys” in your life. Success by selection is the best way to grow, be happy and have fun. Just look what it did for Sir Winston!

Thank you for marking us a part of your everyday and thank you for talking about and sharing the dentistry we have completed together in the media. So cool seeing our smiles celebrated!