March, In like a lamb…

…out like a lion!

As what has become such an over whelming shock to us all as our business and communities just get to a standstill, I did see an interesting post the other day. It was one of ten years from now at a family gathering where parents and kids were still around the table talking about this year 2020 and the parents were talking about how terrible a time it was everything shut down, unable to leave their homes and the worries of what’s next. As the stories went around the table one of the kids now 10 years older broke in and said that’s not what I remember.

What I remember is it being one of the best times of my life. We we’re together every day, we played game, ate meals together and were home together every night. It was an amazing time. From the mouths of babes!

You know these pages will turn, and our normal will kick up around the corner soon enough. Until it does make these memories and treasure them and have a blast. We have been given a gift of time.

Over the last week or so I’ve asked many of client’s what thing they feel we can help be impactful for them and their patients as we turn this page soon and get ready for our GRAND RE-OPENINGS. Infection controls and assurance of this was at the top of list.

So that you will know and you can share with your patients with confidence that we have Universal Precautions are in place and are part of our everyday practice. Everything that comes in our door is cleaned and disinfected. Packing material discarded and ever effort to prevent cross contamination is taken throughout the day. Each surface in the lab is treated from lights switches to equipment and counters throughout the day and every night just as you do in each operatory between patients.

Part of the total service and care we strive to provide you is you taking your health and that of you team and our patients.

One more important thing to note with this being a worldwide threat is that all our work is done right here in Georgia, nothing is outsourced overseas. We are here for you during and after crises. Please feel free to share with your patients our commitment to your practice and to their well being. Plan your work…plan your recovery…Reach out/ Communicate