Made in the USA

When we opened our doors here at By Design almost two years ago, our business model was entirely built around complete fabrication of our restorations and appliances being 100% American made.

This concept does not just apply to the products we sell, but also in the products, supplies and services that we purchase. After all- If we don't support our domestic vendors and laboratory partners, how can we expect you to? No doubt about it, there is plenty of dentistry being outsource internationally. To the tune of about $1.55 billion in dental laboratory sales, according to the FDA.

But some may be surprised to learn that that leaves a remaining $6.5 in sales being manufactured right in the United States, largely by family owned laboratories with less than 10 dental technicians. How cool is that?  We're proud to be your trusted dental partner! We understand that you have a multitude of options regarding your restorative solutions and just like in our business, you CHOOSE American made. It's a such a privilege as well as a pleasure to provide your patients with high quality restorations created with high quality materials. 

Dots in back and Lines in front

This is pretty much the key to it all simplified. Many of the guards we make are looking to this type of design, holding stops throughout with light Anterior guidance.

Our guards both hard and thermo are processed the same, both are hand waxed, flasked and packed with heat and time. They are solid and beautiful like clear crystal. These are asked for to protect natural teeth, after restorations are make especially veneers. Also, very correct to do after Implants are placed. Dr. Spear stated that a guard over an Implant restoration doubles the success of the Implant. $185 is our fee so with this information you can add it into your treatment plan, and you will have the fee covered. Please always specify on your RX which arch and hard/soft. These are made by our own Laverne Kelsey CDT for over 20 years. We are thankful for you Laverne and the wonderful job you do for us.

Social media…what’s it does for you

Being on the Board at Pankey has allowed me more interaction with Dr. Lee Ann Brady our Director of Education at Pankey. If you don’t know Dr. Brady embraces these networks of media like no other out there. Because of this we at Pankey are seeing a wonderful impact from media efforts on getting the word out as to who we are at Pankey and what’s here at Pankey for you and friends.

I am seeing many of our clients posting fun shots with patients, with teams and events. Some are doing short video clips for facebook and Instagram. Keep it up, have fun with it and you never know just what simple piece you post will change your world.

Got to tell you a story, one of our clients in Greenville SC that we’ve worked with for over 20 years sold his practice and moved into a new office. So last week I jumped in the car and drove up to congratulate and meet with our new boss. I got in town early and while waiting for our appointment time I visited other office that I know and sometimes work with on specialty cases. Of course, everyone asked me what brought me to town and after I told them coming up to see John, that’s when it started. Everyone knew about Johns move and the dentist that he moved in with “The Dancing Dentist”. I was told to google him before I visited but I just couldn’t do it. I wanted to meet Dr. Constantine without thinking of him as the Dancing Dentist. You probably know his story, I didn’t. There was a dance challenge on the web to the song “In my Feelings” and Rich for fun for his patients did his dance with the title change to “In My Fillings” and posted it on his Facebook page. BAM! The world grabbed it and took Rich way to over 50 million and climbing likes and way over 200 thousand comments.

True or not but I have heard the impact to the practice is a new patient appointment first availability is in 2023. So Have fun with your post and do them to enjoy and celebrate. You never know unless you do it what might happen next lol.