Lights are on…

…energy is flowing again at By Design thanks to you and your team. As we see the creativity and improvising coming out of our practices as they get back to caring for their community, we realize that we are in the most resilient industry in the world and it is EXCITING! 

We’re here full speed and ready to get it on for you, so Bring it!

Who’s that behind the Mask

I was in an office the other day delivering a case and was speaking with the lady that greeted me. She was decked out in all the gear and through the mask and the shield and her loops on I just could not make out for sure who she was. After talking for a little bit, I asked if she could please have the doctor to call me so we could review the case together before she sees the patient. Then I heard it clear as day…Phillip it’s me! Ha, the entire time I was talking with the Doctor and I had no idea.

 The next day I saw this post from Dr. Michelle Lee owner of Fleetwood Dental in Fleetwood Pa. Michelle is a wonderful friend, we served on the Board at Pankey together and she is Faculty at Pankey as well. She is always ahead of the game with improvisation and creativity and she nailed it with this one.

I asked Michelle if I could share this with you all as it is such a cool idea to bring  faces and smiles back to your patients as we are so covered up today and of course she said yes.

We are putting a wall together of all of you in your gear. We’ve been telling everyone in the lab just what you guys are going thru and just felt it would be so great for all to see. If you can snap a pic on your phone and text it to 404-431-1723 or email to that would be fun. Be sure to let us know it’s you! lol

Excited about what’s ahead for us this second half of the year.