What we did together in 2021 ...

What we did TOGETHER in 2021…

  You made it come to life for us here in Atlanta, at By Design Dental Studio with us making just over 7,000 restorations. Just amazing…Thank you

Zirconia, Emax and Porcelain to metal (PFM) made up 76% of our business last year with PFM still over 10 percent at 13. We get asked all the time if we still do Porcelain to metal and Gold work. The answer is yes with 291 Gold crowns and 838 PFMs.


 This pie chart shows product mix and what really drove the year. Zirconia took over the lead with posterior and in some cases bridge work. We also used it more and more restoring. Emax was the go-to for dentistry in the aesthetic zone. Making veneers, single units from first molar and around, as well anterior implant. Then PFM was all purpose all around the arch as it has been for years. We also used Porcelain to metal for combination cases working with rest, milling and attachments. And in areas where room was just not there, and we did a metal occlusion with porcelain facially.

Looking at the percent on the chart it’s a little deceiving with the number of restorations that were made. For instance, Implants look like a small percent at 7, in numbers though we made right at 500 implant restorations. With removable at 7 percent as well, we made over 330 nightguards alone. So, in the big scheme, percent appears small, still the actual restorations we made was very impactful and it’s just the beginning as we have so much room to grow with you in 2022.

Our lab is far from capacity in what we can do for you and types of work that we can make together. It’s just like we tell our team here, DON’T HOLD BACK, Max out potential! So, send us all that you got, and we will in this 2022 take the very best of care of you and your patients.

The excitement is real, day to day as we enjoy the level of support and commitment that you give to us. Thank you for making our lab, By Design a key part of your interdisciplinary team. We are forever grateful!