I was part of a World Record

I was part of a World Record this past weekend with Tony Robbins in the largest Zoom meeting ever. Over 24,000 folks on the wall at one time. It was amazing and pulled off without a hitch. From the main stage general meeting to the breakout rooms, it was really something. I’m afraid this format is our world for a bit longer. All are embracing it and doing a good job. Dawson, Spear, Act U and Pankey included.  I am with Pankey currently getting ready for my fourth session of a five-day Case Acceptance, Case Presentation program in a Zoom program led by Dr. Brady. What I am seeing, what I’m feeling is that there is amazing education at affordable prices are all over the place for us in these formats…. what is missing is the human, personal part of it all. We must figure this out so these events can become more for us than just a lecture.  Maybe, it’s doing these programs in teams and with friends that will make them not so mechanical and more fun. This weekend I saw folks like myself on the big screen by themselves taking the program and yea, it was an event, and everyone was active.  On the screen was groups of folks in the same room taking the program together and they were having a blast! The event for them was a life experience.

So the key is that with all this distancing is to realize that you are not alone. Your teams around you and your team is here in Georgia to support you and help you to make each day a life experience. It may just be cool to Facetime one another every once in a while. Facetime Fridays would be a terrific opportunity for going over cases together. We are set up with Zoom as well and with it we can join your morning huddles and be part of the discussion with everyone. We can even have lunch delivered and put on some virtual Lunch and Learns. Just need to share subjects you want to cover and we can make it happen.

No idea is too extreme so sound off and share what you would like to see happen and we will do all we can to put it together. Could be a fun and productive way to connect.

June was CDT appreciation month and we celebrated our the CDTs (Certified Dental Technicians) that help us drive our business and provide you with predictable, consistent delivery of your dentistry. A CDT is Nationally recognized by way of time in grade, education, and testing. Certification is renewed yearly and continued education as well as updates on regulatory standards are part of the renewal process.


Proud of these folks, WE LOVE OUR CDTs…

Dan Avery CDT  Denise Burris CDT  Antonio Campos CDT  Christine Chi CDT  Phillip Gold CDT  Laverne Kelsey CDT    

Our Doors are fully open and we are here for you full speed! We have room for more so if we can help you in new areas or if you have someone you would like to refer to us.  All in All Thank you for your continued support!