A Big Loss..

By now you have heard that we lost Dr. Dawson this past July. There is not enough room on this page to tell you what a role he has had in the success of our careers doing dentistry at our labs Oral Arts and now By Design. Our what a wonderful friend he was to me. Dr. Dawson taught us about form follows function and how to protect anterior and posterior teeth as they work in harmony with joint and muscle. Lifelong dentistry is what we can provide because of what Dr. Dawson has shared with us and so many.

Dr. Dawson’s legacy will live on in our dentistry as we follow his lead and make our restorations the right way… the Dawson Way!


His Latest book A Better Way is our gift to you through Amazon. Use the gift card to order it either in Paperback or Kindle.

Hope his book gives you some great insights and brings you a smile as you learn about an amazing person…                          

Dr. Peter E. Dawson.

Case planning…

I have always heard if you don’t plan to succeed then you are planning to fail. I don’t think this was necessarily written for dentistry but nothing could be more true. Dr. Dawson use to say that if a patient comes to you, do your exam and if you’re unsure what to do, everyone thinks well I’ll take an impression. Have to take some action right? Well reality is it is a good next if you are unsure and even if you are sure. It allows you to create a something three dimensional to hold in your hands to see and to articulate. At this point you already made a plan to succeed by deciding to take impressions, now with models in hand its time to pull your experience and knowledge together. Instead of trouble shooting, positive shoot the concerns that brought the patient to you. This may be the perfect time to get the lab involved…yes us! We can help you with regards to treatment options, materials, sequencing and cost. It’s a blast for us getting involved right from the start and seeing the progression of the case. Keep in mind that we can chime in at any point just that if we are late in the game regrouping may become an unexpected step with going toward the ultimate results.

This is fun but you have to have an Ipad to use it fully. An iphone will work but very basic. At the app store search for IvoSmile. This is an app from Ivoclar that you take a snap of your patient with your Ipad, then choose a tooth mold that fits their smile and in seconds a new smile appears over your patients existing one. There’s a slide bar that allows you to see the before and after as you move it across the picture. You can do this on your Iphone as well, you just don’t have as many controls and options. Have Fun with it.


Thank you for working with us and an added thank you for telling others about us and referring friends.